Tuesday, 22 November 2011

5. Screwed Up Ideologies #3


Human beings have an interesting way to identify patterns.
Seeing connections between various situations are a vital part in our lives, whether it's dealing with your friend's problems or trying to figure out what happening on Inception.

HOWEVER, many people identify these patterns in absurd ways, resulting in the arrival of superstition.
For example: 

  • You're losing continuously in blackjack, you take a chill pill and go to the toilet and the blow dryer electrocutes you. You go back and all of a sudden you're on a winning streak which leads you to think that the blow dryer is made out of magic and when you start losing again, you come back to it to regain the magic shock.
Another example, this one being true, is the Sports Illustrated cover superstition which revolves around the belief that when an athlete is displayed on the cover of the prominent magazine they will then suffer bad luck and their sporting career slopes downwards. Everyone happens to forget the fact that Michael Jordan was on the cover about 49 times (and never staggered might I add). Instead, they just see other athletes who slump, also disregarding that major fluctuations are not uncommon in an athlete's career and that those athletes were at the peak of their sporting careers, so they had nowhere else to go but downwards. 

Personally, the dumbest one I've heard in my life happens to be this. 
"Man when she was still with me, my grades were good, I would get high ranks, but now that we're no longer together, my grades are slipping."
Like honestly, silly right?!
He may as well be saying: "Man that earthquake all the way on the other side of the world in Japan is making my grades slip."
My friend if you are reading this, I'm really sorry for spitting that out. I really didn't want to state it but I just had to due to it's complete lack of sense.

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