✗ Screwed Up Ideologies

Screwed Up Ideologies #1
So yeah living 17 years of my life, I've come across a lot of situations where, a person thinks in such an illogical way, it ticks me off.

First off, you'll hear things like:
"Hey I heard that chick dumped you! You should've known it was gonna happen you moron!"
"Oh bro, if I were you, I wouldn't of done that, now you're in for some trouble..."

Now what the heck? There's something in that thick head of yours that makes you unable to put yourself in another guy's shoes.
As a matter of fact, you're like that fat guy lying on the couch screaming at the TV about how Michael Jordan made the bad choice of trying to shoot halfway across the court rather than drive down the side.
In other words, you're always convinced that, HAD YOU been in the SAME situation, you would've made the right choices. For example:

  • [Titanic] The Titanic wouldn't have sank because you would've noticed the iceberg earlier and steered from it
  • [Inception] The job wouldn't have been hard because you would've shot your [false] wife as she tried to destroy your mission.
  • [Reservoir Dogs] You would've still been alive if you were Mr. White/Mr. Pink because you would've run off with the diamonds.
  • [Real World] The stock market wouldn't have crashed because you're a @#$! genius
  • [Rebecca Black] You would've made a better song cause you're a lyrical genius (by the way not supporting Rebbeca Black in any way...she baddd)
When you see their mistakes, you tell ourselves what dumbcunts they must have been. 
Now THAT is a screwed up ideology.

Screwed Up Ideologies #2
Alright second belief that ticks me off...

Some people's brains are hopeless when it comes to calculating probability.
They have this messed up philosophy that if something can happen, THEN IT PROBABLY WILL.
Yet they have no idea what 'probably' even defines.

See those kids who don't excel in academics yet have a liking for sports?
Millions of them (around the world) think they're going to play top-league sports when they grow up, but the thing is, there are only enough jobs for a tiny percentage of them (that's right, to all you kids ripping it in your sports team, YEAH-NAH, that's as far as you're gonna go).

The 2012 belief, about how the world is PROBABLY going to end in that year. Everyone went nuts about how it was true. Like deadset, the news even said "probably!"
The movie 2012 and Jay sean's "2012 (It Ain't The End)" sure doesn't help me prove my case though Zzz...
But far out, astronomers even disregarded the 2012 claim by astronomical observations.
Oh and to any of you dumbcunts who STILL think that the world is going to end in 2012, you should also be making your 11:11 wishes so that won't happen ;)

This way of thinking is often exploited by many to make you lose money JUST LIKE THAT *clicks fingers*
Want an example? 

  • The gambling industry. It literally thrives on people's ideology of "Oh! I've seen people get the jackpot and make alot of money! Oh! And in that movie "21" the guy never lost any money! So why can't I win?!"
  • Another example? Mountains of cocaine. "C'mon bro! Cocaine is good! The rush is so intense! And only one out of ten people get addicted to it! So what're the chances it's going to be you?!" Yup, and while you slowly die, they get rich. Heaps fair ;)

Hollywood doesn't help me make my point either as I mentioned with the movies above ("2012" and "21") and films which are about the one-in-a-million shot being made (which is basically every single friggin movie). Nobody wants to hear about the underdog team who lost 25-2, so they produce movies where the underdog wins with that one-in-a-million basketball shot which happens to be scored the moment the clock hits 00:00. Absolutely pathetic, yet you don't stop to think about that do you?

So any time you buy a lottery ticket, play some roulette, or enter a financial agreement with the President of Sierra Leone, you're walking with the failed mindset.

Screwed Up Ideologies #3

Human beings have an interesting way to identify patterns.
Seeing connections between various situations are a vital part in our lives, whether it's dealing with your friend's problems or trying to figure out what happening on Inception.

HOWEVER, many people identify these patterns in absurd ways, resulting in the arrival of superstition.
For example: 

  • You're losing continuously in blackjack, you take a chill pill and go to the toilet and the blow dryer electrocutes you. You go back and all of a sudden you're on a winning streak which leads you to think that the blow dryer is made out of magic and when you start losing again, you come back to it to regain the magic shock.
Another example, this one being true, is the Sports Illustrated cover superstition which revolves around the belief that when an athlete is displayed on the cover of the prominent magazine they will then suffer bad luck and their sporting career slopes downwards. Everyone happens to forget the fact that Michael Jordan was on the cover about 49 times (and never staggered might I add). Instead, they just see other athletes who slump, also disregarding that major fluctuations are not uncommon in an athlete's career and that those athletes were at the peak of their sporting careers, so they had nowhere else to go but downwards. 

Personally, the dumbest one I've heard in my life happens to be this. 
"Man when she was still with me, my grades were good, I would get high ranks, but now that we're no longer together, my grades are slipping."
Like honestly, silly right?!
He may as well be saying: "Man that earthquake all the way on the other side of the world in Japan is making my grades slip."
My friend if you are reading this, I'm really sorry for spitting that out. I really didn't want to state it but I just had to due to it's complete lack of sense.

Screwed Up Ideologies #4
This time, it has a name which I know of: Special Pleading

Special Pleading is when you allow something to be an exception to a rule, for no logical reason.
In other words, people use Special Pleading to make them feel not as guilty for doing shitty things.

Special Pleading is just you being a big hypocrite.
You won't have to ask me for more examples of this hypocrisy. As a matter of fact it ranges from cops to politicians to fat people suffering from Type-99 Diabetes (yeah that's pretty bad).

  • Cops not writing traffic tickets to other cops.
  • Politicians who highlight how important the public school system is  while putting their own kids in elusive private schools.
  • "I know I was a heroin addict and I told myself not to take it, but this is different. It's Meth."
  • Your mate eats the last big mac? What a dud! He deserves to die. No class whatsoever. Fatty! When you eat the last big mac? It's because you were really hungry and you've had a bad day and you didn't have enough big macs last time and you exercised the other day and...
What's ridiculous is how everyone excuses it in their own minds.

You won't find anyone who exclaims that "the rules don't apply for me because I'm awesome!" Instead, the ideology sticks within their heads to relieve themselves from any feelings of guilt.
Oh but don't worry you're absolutely right! You did argue with your boss because you had a bad day, you do have bad habits due to your inferior upbringing and drug-addled parents and you do post up rants on Blogger because you think this world is a screwed up place. 
But what's strange is, we don't let anyone else use those excuses: "The girl serving me counter was being rude and I don't care if she had a bad day!"
Many of you are bitter over what others (especially your friends) have done yet you've forgiven yourself for doing it lots of times.

I don't get they call this Special Pleading, for all I can see is a bunch of hypocrites.

Screwed Up Ideologies #5
Arguments over the internet and the presence of Keyboard Warriors* is proof enough that the ongoing generation is screwed! You can't post a video up of Eminem without a raging debate settling in about Conspiracy Theories and Illuminati and Stonecutting Men (Freemasons)! Deadset, these days it's as if everyone has a Ph.D. and all they want to do is pour out their so-called knowledge and wisdom on the comment box!

And you'd think that with all the disputes and arguments on important issues flying around, that people would be much more knowledgeable and well-informed. But the thing is, it doesn't work like that, especially how your brain processes your thoughts - as a matter of fact, it's the opposite. The existence of these arguments will only make you stupid, narrow-minded and prejudiced!

Reminisce the times when your foolish friend rants about conspiracy theories such as Aliens staging the 9/11 Attacks or Illuminati taking control of the world. When they were shown evidence that their conspiracy theories were wrong, did they accept it? Did they truly back down? Did they reach a point of enlightenment and think, "Hey, that evidence is right...My conspiracy theories are wrong!"

Well guess what? That has literally absolutely positively never happened in the history of mankind. Even to crazy politicians who rant about the Carbon Tax and whose points have been contradicted by further [scientific] evidence, they'll just jump to the next point and continue to release their barrage of @#$!ery which attempts to back them up. In other words, they will continue to defend their position even after it is factually proven to be untrue and the fact that people will always try to guard their points, although proven wrong, is how arguing started in this sick sick world.

Humans are programmed not to seek the truth, but to win: Humans did not learn to ask questions and provide answers to find universal truth. We did it as a way to attain [social] dominance over others, truth and accuracy are irrelevant.

So the next time you're in an argument, remember that your brain is unscrupulous, and all it wants is to win. 
Why don't you Google for some solid proof that backs up your argument, and when you fail to find even one (which will probably be on your first try), just stop. See if you can think to yourself, "I really was wrong."

Yup, harder than you think. These days, however, admitting you're wrong or attempting to prove yourself will be the difference between matrimony and divorce. Admitting you're wrong is one of the finest skills you can have these days (especially if you want to stay married), rarely will you find one with this skill!

*Person who starts fights and uses aggressive words over the internet, especially on MSN, Facebook and forums. Though normally a quiet, shy person in person. 

Screwed Up Ideologies #6

Alright from here, you can see how our brain can't understand probability, but this is a part 2 if you'd like to call it that. I had to make this because a friend tells me about his crappy day where his girlfriend did this and that, and he missed the bus and it rained so he had to walk home and blah blah blah. I don't care. He screams at me over MSN. "Let's see how you feel when it happens to you!"  Like dude, first of all, I have drive a car...anyways to the point:

Have you heard about the European dude who sleeps with one eye open, on a chair, whilst holding a shotgun? You know, just in case the mafia storms into his house to kill him?
Well hand him a bunch of sheets outlining the data which states the 'death by murder' rate in the city of Switzerland (1 guy dead in the last 10000 years). Heck, he'd have more chance lighting his house on fire or dying via lightning strike, but no he won't change his mind. As a matter of fact, he'll just tell his recount of a story where an old guy named Leon sleeps with one eye open with a pistol by his side, successfully killing the crazy Die Hard terrorists who tried to get him. Funnily, that bizarre example surpasses the data of statistics/probability and all that maths.

Another [true] example lies in the sector of politics (here we go). The great nation of USA spent 1.3 trillion (That's a tad over 22 Bill Gates) on the war of terror in reaction to the 14000 or so deaths from international terrorism from 1975 to 2003. Now I'm pretty good at Maths Extension 2 and that equalizes up to 90 million dollars for each person that was killed. Ain't that a great use of money, good thing they didn't use it for other silly things, like finding a cure for cancer or preventing industrial accidents. Note the sarcasm, industrial accidents cause a high amount of deaths.

These 2 examples above have an emotion tied closely to them. Fear.
As experts point out, "When a strong emotion is tied to an unlikely event, our ability to understand the word, 'unlikely,' goes out the window."

So maybe next time, think a bit before you tell someone: "Let's see how you feel when it happens to you." Because you'll look like a dud and chances are, it will never happen in their life.

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