Wednesday, 10 October 2012

14. Uni Rant #2

Okay so my uni exams coming up in about 2 weeks or so, i dunno...shaking my head~

Anyways so landing in university you think that you've finally landed in a zone of smart, educated people who's only aspiration in life is to seek knowledge... *i'm just dicking with ya, who does that?*
But yeah far from it, university is much like those American dramas...which isn't a bad thing but I just wanna rant on the fact that about 99% of the entire cohort partakes in cheating.

Okay fine, I pulled that figure straight out of my ass, but come has to be around that right? Heck, the other 1% are apparently the geniuses who hands out all those answers and cheat sheets to the crowd.

To further this fact, the university are doing nothing to stop this...
Heh, what I mean to say is that they're not ACTIVELY doing anything to stop cheating...hence the high rate of it... I mean every uni has a protocol that restricts and severely punishes those who cheat, but see they're only willing to go as far as they are willing to enforce it.

Apart from reinforcing the fact that plagiarism and such is forbidden about a thousand times, they do NOTHING else to stop students from undertaking this. Essentially, going after these kids require two factors:

  • Detecting that something is wrong
  • Deciding to give a f**k
Guess what two abilities the universities are missing? Well there you go, the ability to detect cheating and the wanting to give a crap is out of the window...

This doesn't help with the fact that technology is constantly up and running and there are so many new ways to just find the answers to your online tests. I mean yeah that are those who hand in their own teacher's work for his assignment and those who get caught via that plagiarism software, TurnItIn, but that's it.
There are no more ways to prevent plagiarism. Man even TurnItIn is easily broken through the use of a damn thesaurus.

I even heard about that one professor of mine who stated outright that made this one assignment unplagiarisable...but honestly, exclaiming that outright is only asking for everyone to attempt to cheat.
*to be honest, not like that it would make a difference whether he did tell the world*
It's like inventing an unbreakable chastity belt, no matter how effective it is, there's always something that'll crack it open, and guess what? People did find out how to cheat that one assignment out...too damn easy cuz...

Who knows, maybe the frauds will get it in the end...when they realise that they got the job but know absolutely nothing...

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  1. 1000 fools are being born every single day so yeah a lot of them are contained in University. Good luck with your exam give your best.