Tuesday, 16 October 2012

15. Professions #1

People get paid a lot of money to be experts right? I mean it requires a high-tiered form of knowledge and everyone's expecting them to be more intellectual than the average kid yeah?

Well sadly, from my own personal experience I'm going to shed some light on some professions to which people may think is rather high-class or prestigious, but are actually full of it.

I am only listing the occupations from personal experience, so note that there may be more occupations which are worse than the ones I listed , like a garbage collector...*SEE WHAT I DID THERE? DID U GET IT? U GEDDIT? YEAHHHHH*

Stock Market Experts

Okay, so I've been doing a bit of stocks here and there and a side thing whilst drudging in uni, and when I was a beginner who knew the basics but lacked the actual skills to perform/analyse the graphs, I sought out these stock market 'experts' to help me out. 

First off, many of us find the stock market a bit scary to place your money in, well at least that would be the case if people actually had money. Anyway  many of us would go to these experts as well, they'd select a bunch of stocks which they'll purchase at your expense and then they'll tell you to "sit back, chillax, and watch as your stocks grow..."

What they ought to say is "sit back,  chillax, and watch as your stocks grow at a much slower rate than it would have if you picked it yourself..."

Yes, no kidding, and I'm not the only one.... Amongst fellow colleagues *six of them* who undertook stocks as a hobby, during their induction to stock trading, they also went to stock market experts for help, only to receive stocks that rose slower than ever...

So yeah to cut a long story short, the stock market experts were actually performing beneath the Dow and/or S&P indexes which are meant to represent the average performance of the market to begin with...

Hence, stock market experts trust rating: 2/10

I give them two points because they beat a colleague of mine who just randomly picked a variety of stocks...barely though...

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