Tuesday, 22 November 2011

5. Screwed Up Ideologies #3


Human beings have an interesting way to identify patterns.
Seeing connections between various situations are a vital part in our lives, whether it's dealing with your friend's problems or trying to figure out what happening on Inception.

HOWEVER, many people identify these patterns in absurd ways, resulting in the arrival of superstition.
For example: 

  • You're losing continuously in blackjack, you take a chill pill and go to the toilet and the blow dryer electrocutes you. You go back and all of a sudden you're on a winning streak which leads you to think that the blow dryer is made out of magic and when you start losing again, you come back to it to regain the magic shock.
Another example, this one being true, is the Sports Illustrated cover superstition which revolves around the belief that when an athlete is displayed on the cover of the prominent magazine they will then suffer bad luck and their sporting career slopes downwards. Everyone happens to forget the fact that Michael Jordan was on the cover about 49 times (and never staggered might I add). Instead, they just see other athletes who slump, also disregarding that major fluctuations are not uncommon in an athlete's career and that those athletes were at the peak of their sporting careers, so they had nowhere else to go but downwards. 

Personally, the dumbest one I've heard in my life happens to be this. 
"Man when she was still with me, my grades were good, I would get high ranks, but now that we're no longer together, my grades are slipping."
Like honestly, silly right?!
He may as well be saying: "Man that earthquake all the way on the other side of the world in Japan is making my grades slip."
My friend if you are reading this, I'm really sorry for spitting that out. I really didn't want to state it but I just had to due to it's complete lack of sense.

4. Screwed Up Ideologies #2

Alright second belief that ticks me off...

Some people's brains are hopeless when it comes to calculating probability.
They have this messed up philosophy that if something can happen, THEN IT PROBABLY WILL.
Yet they have no idea what 'probably' even defines.

See those kids who don't excel in academics yet have a liking for sports?
Millions of them (around the world) think they're going to play top-league sports when they grow up, but the thing is, there are only enough jobs for a tiny percentage of them (that's right, to all you kids ripping it in your sports team, YEAH-NAH, that's as far as you're gonna go).

The 2012 belief, about how the world is PROBABLY going to end in that year. Everyone went nuts about how it was true. Like deadset, the news even said "probably!"
The movie 2012 and Jay sean's "2012 (It Ain't The End)" sure doesn't help me prove my case though Zzz...
But far out, astronomers even disregarded the 2012 claim by astronomical observations.
Oh and to any of you nuts who STILL think that the world is going to end in 2012, you should also be making your 11:11 wishes so that won't happen ;)

This way of thinking is often exploited by many to make you lose money JUST LIKE THAT *clicks fingers*
Want an example? 

  • The gambling industry. It literally thrives on people's ideology of "Oh! I've seen people get the jackpot and make alot of money! Oh! And in that movie "21" the guy never lost any money! So why can't I win?!"
  • Another example? Mountains of cocaine. "C'mon bro! Cocaine is good! The rush is so intense! And only one out of ten people get addicted to it! So what're the chances it's going to be you?!" Yup, and while you slowly die, they get rich. Heaps fair ;)

Hollywood doesn't help me make my point either as I mentioned with the movies above ("2012" and "21") and films which are about the one-in-a-million shot being made (which is basically every single friggin movie). Nobody wants to hear about the underdog team who lost 25-2, so they produce movies where the underdog wins with that one-in-a-million basketball shot which happens to be scored the moment the clock hits 00:00. Absolutely pathetic, yet you don't stop to think about that do you?

So any time you buy a lottery ticket, play some roulette, or enter a financial agreement with the President of Sierra Leone, you're walking with the failed mindset.

3. Screwed Up Ideologies #1

So yeah living 17 years of my life, I've come across a lot of situations where, a person thinks in such an illogical way, it ticks me off.

First off, you'll hear things like:
"Hey I heard that chick dumped you! You should've known it was gonna happen you moron!"
"Oh bro, if I were you, I wouldn't of done that, now you're in for some trouble..."

Now what the heck? There's something in that thick head of yours that makes you unable to put yourself in another guy's shoes.
As a matter of fact, you're like that fat guy lying on the couch screaming at the TV about how Michael Jordan made the bad choice of trying to shoot halfway across the court rather than drive down the side.
In other words, you're always convinced that, HAD YOU been in the SAME situation, you would've made the right choices. For example:

  • [Titanic] The Titanic wouldn't have sank because you would've noticed the iceberg earlier and steered from it
  • [Inception] The job wouldn't have been hard because you would've shot your [false] wife as she tried to destroy your mission.
  • [Reservoir Dogs] You would've still been alive if you were Mr. White/Mr. Pink because you would've run off with the diamonds.
  • [Real World] The stock market wouldn't have crashed because you're a @#$! genius
  • [Rebecca Black] You would've made a better song cause you're a lyrical genius (by the way not supporting Rebbeca Black in any way...she baddd)
When you see their mistakes, you tell ourselves how stupid and moronic they must have been. 
Now THAT is a screwed up ideology.

Saturday, 19 November 2011

2. Laptop DJs

I don't know if this is the case in all the other countries but here in Australia.
Especially in formals 'n' stuff, you got the DJs yeah?
But like honestly, are they even DJ-ing?

Come see it from my perspective, they rock up with their friggin Macbooks, NO MIXERS, NO TURNTABLES, NO NOTHING!
Only the laptop and wires to plug into the speakers. Heck, they don't even bring their own speakers!

I was at the formal once and I noticed the DJ had bad taste in music so when he went to get a drink, 
I snuck on his laptop to check his songs and guess what I found?
One file being played: a @#$!ing 4-HOUR LONG MIXTAPE!
I was like what the hell are you doing you talentless nut...
There was no mixer so he couldn't crossfade* from song to song, and I didn't see no  VirtualDJ** open...
Far out, you may as well have someone stick their iPod into a freakin dock and put it on shuffle!

And this wasn't just one time, I've witnessed this about seven times.
Like literally, it's as if they download the top 40 hits from the ARIAs and hit play, thinking they're the next David Guetta! 
So the next time you're at a formal or a party and there's a 'DJ,' just check his movements every once in awhile.
He may look like he's doing something, tinkering around with his laptop, but I swear he's just watching Family Guy or browsing facebook.
Yup, and they get paid for that. 


*Crossfading is a smooth and subtle transition from one song to another. Without crossfading, one would have to stop the song and play another song, which ruins the ambience.
**A software that allows one to mix songs

1. Introduction + Sneaky Hat

Yo yo, here's the first of many posts!
This blog is going to comprise mainly of the many things that tick me off on a day-to-day basis.

1. The Sneaky Hat

So if you guys don't know what a 'Sneaky Hat' is, it's basically a person (dude/chick no matter) and they're completely naked apart from the fact that a hat will be covering their naughty bits. Yup girls get two hats, unless they only take a pic of their top half.

Now here's the thing, I don't know WHAT THE @#$!, went in the minds of those who created this atrocity, but what's more screwed up is all these people on Facebook that decide to mimic this stupidity. And as if this wasn't enough, you got all those explicit picturess lingering around!
Come on bro...Facebook is a place for everyone, and have some morals will ya?

Like seriously, I saw a guy in one of those sneaky hat pics and I noticed the comments:
Comment 3: BAHAHAH so cool bro!

And i'm just staring in amazement going wth mate?!
It didn't even make me chuckle Zzz...

Anyways, thanks for reading guys.