Tuesday, 22 November 2011

3. Screwed Up Ideologies #1

So yeah living 17 years of my life, I've come across a lot of situations where, a person thinks in such an illogical way, it ticks me off.

First off, you'll hear things like:
"Hey I heard that chick dumped you! You should've known it was gonna happen you moron!"
"Oh bro, if I were you, I wouldn't of done that, now you're in for some trouble..."

Now what the heck? There's something in that thick head of yours that makes you unable to put yourself in another guy's shoes.
As a matter of fact, you're like that fat guy lying on the couch screaming at the TV about how Michael Jordan made the bad choice of trying to shoot halfway across the court rather than drive down the side.
In other words, you're always convinced that, HAD YOU been in the SAME situation, you would've made the right choices. For example:

  • [Titanic] The Titanic wouldn't have sank because you would've noticed the iceberg earlier and steered from it
  • [Inception] The job wouldn't have been hard because you would've shot your [false] wife as she tried to destroy your mission.
  • [Reservoir Dogs] You would've still been alive if you were Mr. White/Mr. Pink because you would've run off with the diamonds.
  • [Real World] The stock market wouldn't have crashed because you're a @#$! genius
  • [Rebecca Black] You would've made a better song cause you're a lyrical genius (by the way not supporting Rebbeca Black in any way...she baddd)
When you see their mistakes, you tell ourselves how stupid and moronic they must have been. 
Now THAT is a screwed up ideology.

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