Saturday, 6 October 2012

13. Uni Rant #1

Sorry guys, not having posted since like early in the year and it's pretty much because university has taken a toll on me. But who gives a f**k right?

Anyways, thought that maybe my first rant would be on uni itself and the benefits it offers [or lack of benefits I should say.]

So first off, you're all in high school and you foresee your lecturers/tutors as old men with Da Vinci beards possessing transcendent knowledge of time and space. Jokes...Most of them aren't even qualified/able to teach. No kidding, this isn't one of those rants where it was ultimately my fault like that time I said I didn't need a condom. Nah, THIS TIME it's really not my fault.

Anyway's now that I'm just a tad more studious than high school, I'd expect high grades cause you know... Good source of info + Study = You Win right? Well sadly the idea of uni lecturers and tutors being experts in their field and who inspire learning is as outdated as the idea of getting a job after graduation. I mean I'm in no dropkick college like the University of Harlem, heck I'm in one of the top universities in Australia (which actually isn't special) but honestly let me sum it up for you briefly.

My tutorials are taught by:

  • 30% - Other students a year [or two] older than I am. What? not even Ph.D. students.
  • 60% - Graduate students who are making an attempt stall off unemployment.
  • 10% - Elders or professors (I assume)  who know their sh*t yet are unable to relate and/or teach in a manner that we are all accustomed to, hence we don't get sh*t. Still stuck in the land of archaism.
My lectures are taught by:
  • 100% - Professors, whose aforementioned teaching habits are not well suited to the kids of this generation. Don't know if they ever were well suited in any day and age
Equipped with less training than a pre-school teacher, access to no class materials and usually a limited command of English has forced me to not attend more than 40% of my lectures, and heck, any tutorial which isn't compulsory I gladly bounce. Highly lacking in aptitude for teaching, it's as if these people who [attempt] to educate us has made a final ditch attempt to avoid unemployment and just land in this zone where demand is high and entry is easy.

I think you all got the gist of what I'm trying to relay here.

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