Thursday, 1 December 2011

6. Screwed Up Ideologies #4

This time, it has a name which I know of: Special Pleading

Special Pleading is when you allow something to be an exception to a rule, for no logical reason.
In other words, people use Special Pleading to make them feel not as guilty for doing shitty things.

Special Pleading is just you being a big hypocrite.
You won't have to ask me for more examples of this hypocrisy. As a matter of fact it ranges from cops to politicians to fat people suffering from Type-99 Diabetes (yeah that's pretty bad).

  • Cops not writing traffic tickets to other cops.
  • Politicians who highlight how important the public school system is  while putting their own kids in elusive private schools.
  • "I know I was a heroin addict and I told myself not to take it, but this is different. It's Meth."
  • Your mate eats the last big mac? What a dud! He deserves to die. No class whatsoever. Fatty! When you eat the last big mac? It's because you were really hungry and you've had a bad day and you didn't have enough big macs last time and you exercised the other day and...
What's ridiculous is how everyone excuses it in their own minds.

You won't find anyone who exclaims that "the rules don't apply for me because I'm awesome!" Instead, the ideology sticks within their heads to relieve themselves from any feelings of guilt.
Oh but don't worry you're absolutely right! You did argue with your boss because you had a bad day, you do have bad habits due to your inferior upbringing and drug-addled parents and you do post up rants on Blogger because you think this world is a screwed up place. 
But what's strange is, we don't let anyone else use those excuses: "The girl serving me counter was being rude and I don't care if she had a bad day!"
Many of you are bitter over what others (especially your friends) have done yet you've forgiven yourself for doing it lots of times.

I don't get they call this Special Pleading, for all I can see is a bunch of hypocrites.

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